Chassis 1049

Even though records show that GT40P #1049 was originally delivered as a road car, it was soon equipped with some of the latest GT40 racing bits as it was prepared to run the famous 1967 Daytona Continental 12 Hrs. The owner, Grady Davis, VP of Gulf Oil, used this car to start the world famous and highly successful Gulf GT40 partnership between Gulf Oil & John Wyer.

The 1967 Daytona race was hyped as a battle between Ferrari's factory P cars and Ford's 427 MKII's. Ironically, by the end of the race, only one of the MKII's managed to finish, while the 289 powered #1049 MKI (driven by Jackie Ickx and Dick Thompson) claimed 1st in class and 6th overall.


At the time, no one had any idea of the historical significance of a GT40 MKI road car (owned by Gulf Oil's VP and race prepped by John Wyer's personnel) finishing so well at Daytona. In fact, it wasn't until after 1967 LeMans (when the CSI re-wrote the rules limiting "sports prototype" engine size to 3 litres and "sportscar" to 5 litres) that the combination of #1049, Gulf Oil and JW Automotive begat one of the most successful race teams of the 1960's: The 1968 World Champion & 1968/69 LeMans winning GULF GT40's.

This shop not only had the honor of restoring the Gulf prototype GT40 #1049 seen here, but also the Gulf team car GT40P #1076(3rd overall, 1969 LeMans).

With the 1967 Daytona race being the "most significant point in time" for #1049, all of the options it had for that event were re-united with the car during the restoration.

[Chassis 1049]
Some of those options as shown here
(all per the race data sheets for Daytona):
  • Vented brake rotor and separate hat.
  • Large Girling 18-4 aluminum caliper with quick release pads.
  • Koni double adjustable (production dated 1966) shock.
  • Color coded HD coil spring.
[Chassis 1049]
Some of the features of the rear corner of #1049 after restoration:
  • Aluminum brake cooling duct.
  • Large anti-roll bar.
  • FIA-required luggage rack.
  • Race style valve covers with built in breather boxes.
  • HD 5DS25-1 ZF transaxle.

[Chassis 1049]
[Chassis 1049]
Rebuilt, original C6FE race engine with 5DS25-1 ZF transaxle for #1049.

[Chassis 1049]
The restored front compartment of #1049 is a mixture of original "road coupe" characteristics and added on "race coupe" options as it was prepared for the 1967 Daytona race:
  • Marston aluminum double pass radiator
  • Kenlowe cooling fan
  • Oil cooler with Simplifix lettered oil cooler lines
  • Aluminum water tubes
  • Spare tire hold down straps
  • Plenum for heater
  • Brake cooling ducts
[Chassis 1049]
When #1049 was being prepared by the factory race mechanics for the upcoming '67 Daytona event, they added a hinged door to the cowl bodywork for access to the brake & clutch reservoirs.

Note the factory dark metallic blue paint & the famous Gulf Oil orange center stripe.

All paint work was done in period-correct acrylic lacquer paint, as it was for the 1967 Daytona point in time.

[Chassis 1049]
When #1049 was transformed from a "road coupe" into a "race coupe" for Daytona, it raced with a mixture of options from both versions:
    Road coupe options include:
  • The cowl plenum for the heater
  • Kenlowe cooling fan
  • Partial front compartment closure panels
  • Heated windshield.
    Race coupe options include:
  • Vented brake rotors
  • Girling 18-4 calipers
  • Early style vented brake cooling ductwork
  • Koni shocks (instead of Armstrong shocks).
Other details include unique fuel cap brackets, windshield tint strips, spare tire hold down straps and Simplifix lettered oil cooler lines.
[Chassis 1049]

GT40P#1049 raced in the 1967 Daytona 12 hour after quickly being re-worked by FAV factory race personnel from a production road coupe into race configuration. Photos of the car at the race indicated that the heavier road car seats, door panels, carpet and other amenities were removed and replaced with the lighter race spec items.

  • Original road coupe dash panel & instrumentation, including a switch for the original heated windshield.
  • Lightweight nylon race coupe seats, center console and door panels.
  • Original leather-covered steering wheel with GT40 emblem.
  • Dash mounted turn signal/horn lever, cigar lighter and twin fuel level gages.

[Chassis 1049]
Grady Davis nearly always had his race cars prepared with night time identification lights. #1049 was no exception.

In addition to the "traditional" Grimes aircraft lights on the roof, #1049 also had an aircraft "bomber" light mounted in the left rear fender for viewing from the Daytona pits.

Also note the Gulf sticker and hand-painted race numbers.

[Chassis 1049]
Period photographs of #1049 at the 1967 Daytona Continental showed the car wearing the famous Gulf Oil "lucky horseshoes" on the right rear fender.

Obviously, this restoration to the '67 Daytona point in time must include those hand-painted "lucky horseshoes"...

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