Corvette Grand Sport #001

A few rare photos from the Penske Garage...

GS#001 (right) after its arrival at Penske's Newtown Square garage...sitting with 1966 427 stablemate. GS#001 was originally painted silver metallic, with a crossram weber 377c.i. small block engine and louvered hood.

GS#001 undergoing preparation for 1966 Sebring. Soon to have a new 427 Traco engine, fresh Sunoco Blue/yellow paint, full windshield, etc. Notice the original special paint code plate on firewall and the lack of windshield wipers (common to only the GS roadsters #001 & #002).

The louvered hood (leaning against the garage door in the background) was not re-used with the installation of the Traco big block. This hood was found 30 years later and proved to be invaluable in the fabrication of Grand Sport #002's new hood and the 1964 Sebring hood of GS#004.

GS#001 fully prepared in its new Penske/Sunoco configuration and sitting on the "transporter"... ready to go to Sebring.

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