In short order, Grand Sport #004 (along with #003 & #005) was re-worked and promptly sent out to another "privateer" race team, Mecom Racing of Houston, TX, for the upcoming events at Nassau, in November 1963. The three Grand Sports were identically prepared except for roundel numbers and ID nose stripes (#004 ran with race number 80 and a red stripe). With their latest "factory mods" and some of the finest drivers available, the GS Corvettes overwhelmed their nemesis, the Shelby Cobra, turning lap times at Nassau some 10+ seconds faster. Spirits were high for the 1964 season, with the intention of competing in FIA-sanctioned events such as Daytona & Sebring. Unfortunately, those hopes were soon dashed when GM corporate learned of Zora's semi-secret racing activities. The ax fell on Zora's "back door" racing effort. The three GS coupes were quietly sold off to privateer racers thereby eliminating any hope of future factory assistance and freezing the evolution of the Grand Sport's development in 1963.

Delmo Johnson, the well-known owner of Johnson Chevrolet of Dallas, TX, purchased Grand Sport #004. Delmo & co-driver Dave Morgan decided to enter GS#004 in its most prestigious race ever: the 1964 Sebring 12 Hours. Even though the car was mechanically and developmentally unchanged from 1963 specs, it qualified 12th behind some impressive factory teams; Ferrari fielded 275 and 330 prototypes and the famous 250 GTO's. Cobra ran a Daytona coupe. Without any significant factory backing to help, the #004 team overcame numerous mechanical setbacks to finish 32nd overall in the 12 hour endurance race.

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