Next on the agenda for Grand Sport #004 in 1964 was one of the most unusual and challenging races that any GS ever competed in: the Carrera de Costa Revival in Mexico. After a quick repaint to Daytona Blue and the addition of a massive front bumper guard, #004, with Delmo at the wheel, pounded it's way over the dusty, bumpy and dangerous roads to the finish at Acapulco, Mexico.

A more conventional race was up next for #004 at the Green Valley, Texas Raceways. This event brought new meaning to the term "Lightweight Corvette" as #004 went completely airborne, lap after lap, at a certain crest in the track. The physical effects of both the Carrera de Costa and Green Valley events would be found later during the restoration of #004's frame and suspension components.

In 1965, Delmo sold #004 to David Greenblatt of Canada. After running a few races north of the border, Greenblatt sold the car to Jim White Chevrolet in Ohio. In 1967, it raced in the Daytona Continental 12 hours with White and B.Brown, co-drivers. By 1967 racing standards, #004 was a tired and outdated racecar and, not surprisingly, failed to finish the event. In a bit of irony, the very capable B.Brown was the Cobra driver who had first raced against (and lost to) Grand Sport #004 at the 1963 Connellsville race.

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