[Final Assembly]

Corvette Grand Sport #002

As covered, in detail, on other pages, the newly-fabricated Grand Sport body panels were duplicated from molds and jigs taken from the original, preserved body.

In order to duplicate the fit and finish of the original assembly and to ensure proper fit of the new bodywork on the restored, original chassis, a number of jigs and fixtures had to be designed. These tools, fabricated over the original body, were used to reference and locate the various body panels as they were bonded to the aluminum birdcage.

Grand Sport #002 - Elkhart Lake - 1965
Grand Sport #002 - Chevrolet Display at Elkhart Lake, 1965
Original color photographs from this period are rare and most that exist have faded over time.

Fortunately, GS#002 itself preserved all the information necessary to duplicate the original factory finish.

[Original, unrestored G.S. #002 Headrest Fairing]
Original, unrestored G.S. #002 Headrest Fairing
[Door sill area, Unrestored G.S. #002 Body]
Door sill area, unrestored G.S. #002 Body

The color for Grand Sport #002 was documented by the original, unmolested headrest fairing that had been removed by Wintersteen in 1966 before the car was painted its familiar "Old #12" white. The fairing had been kept with the car through the years.

This color was also found under the sill covers on the original body.

A locating fixture was made to determine the proper fender edge position.

Final Assembly - Picture 1

Final Assembly - Picture 2

This will be used on the new aluminum birdcage when the fiberglass fenders are being installed.
The new fiberglass "B" pillar is located by the positioning fixture and temporarily clamped onto the aluminum birdcage.

Final Assembly - Picture 3

Final Assembly - Picture 4

The steel fixture insures that all of the correct hinge and striker plate locations are retained during assembly.
The new rear fiberglass clip is fitted to the birdcage using templates.

Final Assembly - Picture 5

Final Assembly - Picture 6

Finally starting to look like a Grand Sport.
Fender lips and door edges are located by the templates.

Final Assembly - Picture 7

Final Assembly - Picture 8

The aluminum birdcage panels were roughed up to provide a good bonding surface for the adhesive used to attach the fiberglass panels.
Locating fixtures, made from the original body, determine the fender lines, cowl line and dash location.

Final Assembly - Picture 9

Final Assembly - Picture 10

Front clip after installation to the "birdcage".
Side view of the body on the surface plate during assembly.

Final Assembly - Picture 11

Final Assembly - Picture 12

New rear clip after installation on the "birdcage".
Looking like a real Grand Sport.

Final Assembly - Picture 13

Final Assembly - Picture 14

New Grand Sport body with gray epoxy primer sealer.
This prevents any errant fiberglass strands or bonding adhesive from showing thru the finish paint.

Final Assembly - Picture 15

Final Assembly - Picture 16

New Grand Sport body immediately after spraying with special sliver-blue and top coated with clear lacquer as original.
A minimum amount of paint and virtually no body filler was used in the preparation of this car. The intent is for the "cloth" pattern of the fiberglass construction to "print through" the paint.

Final Assembly - Picture 17

Final Assembly - Picture 18

New body mount shims made of aluminum (as original) are held in place with special "black" masking tape as was done originally on the Grand Sport.
New exact duplicate body as it is lowered onto the completely restored original chassis.

Everything fit very well...

Final Assembly - Picture 19

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