Corvette Grand Sport #002

Keeping the 1966 "as-raced" body of G.S. #002 intact meant reproducing the interior structure & fitments as displayed at the Notre Dame show.

Research and attention to detail, right down to the cloth labels on the seat belts, lead the way in outfitting the "office" of Grand Sport #002.

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Grand Sport #002
Notre Dame Show 1965

The dash of the original Grand Sport body was masked off to protect it prior to making the plaster mold. The glove box area requires two separate mold pieces to facilitate it's removal.

Interior - Picture 1

Interior - Picture 2

The plaster dash mold was reinforced with steel rods.
The dash mold is then sanded to remove imperfections.

Interior - Picture 3

Interior - Picture 4

New plaster dash mold finished in white gelcoat and ready to lay-up a new part.
New plaster mold for the glovebox insert. This mold was made in two pieces so it could be removed from inside the dash opening. The two pieces were then bonded together.

Interior - Picture 5

Interior - Picture 6

New fiberglass dash panel with glovebox insert as original.
The main floor pan, "A" & "B" pillars, door sill panels, and dash panel temporarily clamped & clecoed into place on the aluminum birdcage.

Interior - Picture 7

Interior - Picture 8

New or restored door latches, strikers, fasteners door handles, gaskets, and link rods for the new doors.
View of under-dash area showing the various braces as original.

Interior - Picture 9

Interior - Picture 10

Dash board area of new Grand Sport body before painting.
Original instrument cluster after cleaning & restoration.

Interior - Picture 11

Interior - Picture 12

Original hardware was located for the seat belts. All pieces were replated with cadmium as original.
Reproduction seat belt assemblies just prior to the sewing process. Webbing was dyed the correct blue color.

Interior - Picture 13

Interior - Picture 14

Artwork was created for the seat belt labels from pictures of Grand Sport 005's seat belts. The new cloth labels were silkscreened and date stamped Nov. 1963, and sewn onto the belts, as original.
New seat frame assembly mounted on a fixture to maintain alignment.

Interior - Picture 15

Interior - Picture 16

New pair of fiberglass seat shells as original.
New tubular seat frame, mounting braces, and fiberglass bucket.

Interior - Picture 17

Interior - Picture 18

New seat assembly from original Grand Sport blueprints.
New Grand Sport seat assembly finished in blue paint as original.

Interior - Picture 19

Interior - Picture 20

Completed interior with correct teak wheel, carpet, seat belts, heel pad, shifter, and mirror.
Rear Clip
G.S. #002 Home
Louvered Hood

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