[Wheels & Spinners]

Corvette Grand Sport #002

Grand Sport #002 was equipped with three different types of magnesium wheels over its lifetime:

Original, 1963-era, "kidney bean", "knock-off"
Halibrand wheel.

Original, 1964-65-era, "knock-off" Halibrand wheel.
(at Notre Dame show)

Original, 1966 Wintersteen-era, "bolt-on"
American Mag wheel.

Since the 1964-65-era was selected as the "most significant point in time" for G.S. #002's restoration, a complete set of "original" Halibrand magnesium 8.5" & 9.5" wheels were restored & fitted to the car. An original, 1963-era Halibrand was used as the spare. The Wintersteen American Mags were removed from G.S. #002, restored, and then placed in a climate controlled storage environment.

The following pictures & text describe the efforts made to refit G.S. #002 with its authentic Halibrand magnesium wheels & knock-off spinners, per the 1964-65 era.

Since the original Halibrand "knock-off' spinners for the 1964/65 Grand Sport era were not available, it was decided to re-produce them. An original Grand Sport spinner was borrowed for use as a pattern to create exact duplicates.

Molds were made of the original spinner, as shown.

Wheels & Spinners - Picture 1

Wheels & Spinners - Picture 2

After modifying the new molds to allow for shrinkage, new wax patterns were poured. These patterns were then sent out to be duplicated in stainless steel using investment casting (lost wax process).
The new stainless steel, "knock-off" spinner castings were then machined & threaded to the original specifications.

Wheels & Spinners - Picture 3

Wheels & Spinners - Picture 4

The spinner on the left is the raw investment casting. The center spinner has been bored and threaded. Finished spinner is on the right.
When Wintersteen changed G.S. #002 from "knock-off" Halibrands to "bolt-on" American Mags in 1966, he simply replaced the original Grand Sport "knock-off" stub axles with production Corvette stub axles.

Since original "knock-off" stub axles were not available, the restoration of G.S. #002 would require that four new stub axles be CNC machined from steel billets.

Wheels & Spinners - Picture 5

Wheels & Spinners - Picture 6

As the original 1964-65-era Halibrand "knock-off" wheels were being carefully plastic media blasted, a "9.5" factory marking was discovered on one of them.
GM photographic archives substantiate this same marking(arrow).

[Courtesy: GM Archives]
Wheels & Spinners - Picture 7
[Courtesy GM Archives]

Wheels & Spinners - Picture 8

When G.S. #002 left Chevrolet Engineering in 1965, its Halibrand wheels were painted "Silver Blue" to match the body.

Restoration of G.S. #002's Halibrand magnesium wheels included an epoxy primer (for corrosion protection), and a top coat of correct blue paint then finished off with factory 8.5" & 9.5" grease pencil markings.

Aluminum Birdcage
G.S. #002 Home
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