Chassis 1027

1027 at Meadowbrook Hall GT40P #1027 was awarded "Best Racecar" at the 1993 Meadowbrook Concours.

Figure 1 - GT40P #1027 was originally built in early 1966 as a production "race coupe". It was one of very few GT40's that were painted yellow. This color was named "Belgium Yellow" for exhibition in the '66 Brussels Motor Show.

Fig. 2 - 1027 as MGM Camera Car
Figure 2 - In 1966 the car was sold to MGM for use as a camera car for the famous film "Grand Prix". The GT40 was one of the few cars of that period that could carry the required film equipment and still run high enough speeds to film the Formula 1 cars.

Fig. 3 - 1027
Figure 3 - Later in 1966, the car was sold to an American enthusiast for road use. In 1968 Jim Toensing, noted Briggs Cunningham Museum curator, bought #1027 and cleverly engineered the installation of an Indy 4-cam engine.

In the late 1980's, a new owner returned #1027 to original 289 "race coupe" specs.

Fig. 4 - 1027 Engine Bay
Figure 4 - The car then spent several years on the vintage race circuit. After a shunt in 1990, the owner retired the car for a complete restoration. This "post restoration" picture shows the engine bay of #1027 with proper SW fuel pumps, Autolite spark plug wires, sand bent exhaust headers, race valve covers, color coded coil springs and Koni shocks.

Fig. 5 - 1027 Front Compartment
Figure 5 - The restoration included re-fitting the front compartment with an original record # Borrani wire wheel, Goodyear spare tire, Kenlowe cooling fan, Marston/Serck oil cooler & radiator, aluminum BSP fittings, Simplifix textured oil lines, Lucas washer bottle & wiper motor.
Fig. 6 - Chassis 1027
Figure 6 - Subtle upgrades during the restoration included the addition of racing roundels and genuine magnesium GT40 race wheels with 1960's Goodyear Bluestreak race tires, as seen here.

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