Chassis 1083

Ford GT40 - Chassis 1083 circa 2003 GT40P #1083 was sold new by the JWA factory in late 1969.
The car was finished in Cardinal Red and was essentially built to Gulf team car specs:
  • Gurney Weslake engine
  • 5DS25-1 HD ZF transaxle
  • BRM magnesium wheels
  • Girling vented braking system
  • lightweight roof structure
  • single vent front insert.

Ford GT40 - Chassis 1083 circa 2003
#1083 spent its early years in South America under the ownership of The Colegio Arte e Instrucao and later the Fittipaldi family. The car was sold and came to the US in the early 1980's. #1083 was vintage raced for the next 15 years.

Ford GT40 - Chassis 1083 circa 2003 By the late 1990's, the years of vintage racing had begun to take their toll on #1083's monococque tub. At that point, the original tub of #1083 was carefully restored to original factory "lightweight" specs, and the car returned to the vintage racing circuit.

Ford GT40 - Chassis 1083 circa 2003
In early 2003 (under new ownership), #1083 underwent a partial restoration which included a repaint back to its factory red color. Additional work included a fresh 302 Gurney Weslake engine, period correct racing decals, stripes, number roundels and a new interior.

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